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Join the Thriver Circle now and get step-by-step guidance & support that will help you craft a successful handmade biz.

Get access to:

  • Hundreds of fellow makers in our vibrant private community.
  • Live coaching calls and video mastermind sessions with Jess each month.
  • Your Year to Thrive - an epic year-long course - to super-charge your biz growth.
  • A library of video workshops on all aspects of handmade business.
  • Member-exclusive training every month... and more!

Membership is currently $15 per month.

*The price will be going up soon - to $29 per month - so get in now & lock in the current lower price for as long as you remain a member!*

 Recurring payment: you are billed monthly and can cancel your subscription at any time. No pressure, no worries.

Ready to thrive?

Decide the Circle isn't for you? Simply cancel your account within 7 days and I'll refund your initial payment.

Payment is in AUD, GST is inclusive for Australian residents. $15 AUD is approximately $12 USD | 9 Pounds| 10 Euros

TERMS: By joining the Thriver Circle, you agree to abide by the terms laid out in our Community Charter.

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