Grow on Instagram with the Reels Challenge 2023 -

starting November 20th!


Instagram Reels are one of the fastest ways to grow your following in 2023 - and one of the best ways you, as a maker, can engage with your audience!

BUT - you might find Reels daunting, or confusing, or overwhelming.

What do you post? When should you post? How do you come up with content ideas, and how do you actually film and create your Reels?


The Reels Challenge is for you if:

  • You haven't used Reels before, and would like to learn how.
  • You've used them before, but you've fallen out of the habit, and want a kick-start to get back into it.
  • You'd like to learn effective strategies for creating Reels that will appeal to your target audience.
  • You want to grow your audience on Instagram and sell more of your handmade products!

The Challenge is a fun way to learn about and practice making Instagram Reels alongside other handmade business owners.

We'll all be in this together, and we'll be supporting each other throughout the process!


To Participate:

You must be a member of the Thriver Circle - find out more about how the Circle can help you grow your handmade business faster here.

Once You're a Member:

  • For 7 days, we're going to commit to posting Reels to our Insta feeds.
  • Every day during the challenge I'm going to be giving you tips and advice on how to make better Reels inside the Thriver Circle community on Facebook.
  • I'll also encourage you to share a direct link to each Reel each day under these tips posts to keep yourself accountable!
  • We're also going to support each other by following and liking each other's reels during the challenge - giving ourselves all a boost this Christmas sales season!

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I'm going to be publishing a video sharing ideas for Reels before the challenge starts so you're ahead of the game and are ready to go (and you can watch this one on how to make amazing Reels right now)!

Look for the daily posts over in our FB community to participate in the challenge!

If you've landed here but you're NOT already a member...