Hey Circle - we're having a Reels Challenge starting December 5th!


To Participate:

  • For 7 days, we're going to commit to posting Reels to our Insta feeds.
  • Every day during the challenge I'm going to be giving you tips and advice on how to make better Reels inside the Circle community on Facebook.
  • I'll also encourage you to share a direct link to each Reel each day under these tips posts!
  • We're also going to support each other by following and liking each other's reels during the challenge - giving ourselves all a boost this Christmas sales season!

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I'm going to be publishing a video before the challenge starts so you're ahead of the game and are ready to go!

Look for the daily posts over in our FB community to participate in the challenge!

If you've landed here but you're NOT already a member - you can join right here, or find out more about membership here!