Do you want to do a better job of launching your products?

Or perhaps you are still in the process of building your business, and haven't yet launched at all.

Maybe you want to set up a regular launch schedule for not only new products, but new product lines.

Whatever you want to launch, this episode will give you some tips and strategies that will increase the likelihood of your launch being a success!

Circle - this is a taster - I'm going to be releasing a whole workshop in March that covers this content and much more - AND we're going to have a #LaunchParty project, so keep an eye out for that!

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Quotes and Highlights in this episode:


  • When launching a new product or line it is important to build buzz and anticipation.
  • Word of warning: some launches are going to very successful and some less so. Don’t be disheartened!
  • “Unsuccessful launches happen to everyone. If it does happen to you don’t let it stop you!”
  • Jess shares a story of early Epheriell product launch experiences.
  • If your launches do not perform to your expectations, analyse why. Did you stay “on brand” for your business? Is this something where there is a customer out there for this?
  • Share the process with ideas, prototypes, sketches on social media. Ask your audience what they think.
  • Bring your audience into the development of your product and build a sense of connection.
  • Set a date to provide a clear end point for both you and your customer.
  • Do not miss your date! Do everything you can to make it a reality.
  • If something happens and you can’t make the date, clearly communicate this to your audience.
  • Create a buzz by providing a discount or preorder to people on your mailing list to build a subscription base.
  • Promote your launch and special offer to drive traffic to your opening deal.
  • Create an event around your launch and remember this doesn’t have to be a huge event! Take advantage of an upcoming market, work with a local stockist, host an online live event or more.
  • “If you’re nervous about it, the best time to do it when nobody is watching”