We're now taking applications for the next round of Accountability Buddies!


We will match you up with someone in the Circle who has similar products, is in the same field to you, or maybe is just in the same timezone. This will mean you can either chat to one another in real time or maybe even meet up if it's within your means and you're keen!

The idea behind an accountability buddy is to get more in-depth support - to have one person who you can build a more private, personal, friendly relationship with. Someone to bounce ideas off, someone to support you, and someone to hold you accountable to your goals and dreams! And of course - vice versa.

Buddies remain together for 3 months (and beyond if you click!) and you can be in contact as little or as much as you like - you guys are totally in control.

After this first period, you can decide to go back into the pool and get a new accountability buddy or if you feel like you both have more to work on together, you can stick together into the future.

You'll receive some guidance from Amanda & I about how you can effectively coach one another and work together in a positive and thoughtful way, but it's really down to the two of you to work out what you both need from a buddy.

We hope you'll be able to take part in these tasks - and also find other ways to assist your buddy in their creative business.

We also know this isn't for everyone - so please only register if you are willing to commit to being in regular contact with your buddy for the next 3 months, and helping each other one-on-one to build your businesses.


Click here to fill out the quick questionnaire - applications close August 16th!