Today we're covering an absolutely vital, but not-so-fun topic - yes, bookkeeping!

This workshop is aimed at those who don't have a solid bookkeeping system in place, or who do a poor job of maintaining their bookkeeping on a regular basis.

I hope to convince you why keeping on top of your books is not only important for tax time, but also for the growth of your business in general!

I've also put together a downloadable spreadsheet for those who just need to get started with a simple bookkeeping system today.

I cover income, expenses, deductibles; talk a bit about profit and loss; why you should separate your personal and biz finances; and give you a 'to-do' list to get you going.

*Do keep in mind that I can't help you with anything related to tax laws and requirements in your country, but I can help with general questions.*

If you can't make the live time, a recording of the workshop will be up after it's done, so you can work through it independently, asking any questions in the FB group as you work through it. 


Live Online Workshop: Tuesday the 19th at 10am Brisbane (AEST - NOT Sydney/Melbourne time).

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Hope to see you there!